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The 2020 Liaoning (Shenyang) International Preschool Education Industry and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as: PSE China) will be held at the Liaoning · Shenyang International Exhibition Center on June 12-14, 2020. All relevant units are welcome to visit and participate. Create brilliant.   This exhibition specially set up six exhibition areas for preschool education smart products, preschool education joining, school uniforms, school uniforms, preschool education supplies, educational toys, kindergarten supplies and supporting facilities, and combined with various professional conference forums and other high-standard concurrent activities to establish a comprehensive The world's publicity platform builds the most effective trade channels for exhibitors' products to enter the market quickly. Gathering all kinds of early childhood education supplies and equipment companies to display on the same platform, one of which conforms to the development trend of the industry, and also facilitates the supply and demand sides to conduct comprehensive and in-depth trade negotiations. Let us work together to build the most influential platform for international trade in the preschool education industry, increase the visibility of high-quality products in the industry, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry.
Expo News   
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Industry News   
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From June 14, 2020
China Liaoning Preschool Education Industry Expo opens
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